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Sane Republicans, it is on you now

People who are damaged and scared make reckless, irrational, and irresponsible decisions. I’ve seen this in personal and professional life, and it has happened politically too many times in history. But what baffles me most about this election is that it is so hard to understand exactly why so many people were so hurt and wounded and angry. For voters to have bought into this man’s deeply dishonest, deeply hateful, fear-mongering campaign is not a normal electoral loss.
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The Many Values of Secondary Sources

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In legal research, when we refer to a “secondary source” we mean a document that is not, itself, legal authority but that explains or describes the law. By contrast, the verbal, documentary, nature of law is such that a “primary source” text—such as a statute or a judicial opinion—is in itself “the law.”

Secondary sources can be valuable tools at any stage in a research process. All of the many genres of secondary sources can be analyzed according to their usefulness at providing:
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Visualizing Consolidation in the Legal Information Marketplace

Prompted by Thomson Reuters’ closing of the remnants of the venerable Banks-Baldwin here in Cleveland, Sarah Glassmeyer has published an excellent visual representation of the ongoing consolidation of the legal information marketplace.

Greg Lambert at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog took the idea and ran with it — expanding Sarah’s chart to show how information products beyond traditional publishing have also been gobbled by the giants, and creating a Google Docs version for others to add information.
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